Harrisonburg Cytology Services, Inc.
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Welcome to Harrisonburg Cytology Services, Inc., now proudly a part of PRW Laboratories of Charlottesville, Virginia.  We are Virginia's premier provider of high quality and cost effective women's health laboratory testing.  

Our Vision Statement:

Our vision is to be the premier provider of women's health and laboratory testing.  To achieve this vision, we have three main objectives:
  • Provide clinicians with the very best technology based testing on the market, that is FDA approved, and meets testing guidelines.
  • Focus on cost effective laboratory pricing for patients, to ensure that everyone has access to affordable laboratory testing.
  • Promote a team-based approach too laboratory/provider relationships, to aid the most effective path of treatment per patient.

Our Statement of Values:

Harrisonburg Cytology Services' share a set of values in which high quality care is given in a cost effective manner.  We ensure that every patient sample is treated with the highest ethical standards and complies with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines, as well as insurance provider contracts.  Our laboratory strives to achieve exceptional customer service through the following:

  • Recognize the need to incorporate the highest clinical standards and most cutting-edge technology into our laboratory.
  • By being proactive in the field of cytology and molecular testing, we aid clinicians in detecting precursors to cervical cancer, through means of Pap and HPV testing. 


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