Harrisonburg Cytology Services, Inc.
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About Us

Harrisonburg Cytology Services, Inc. is a fully licensed and CAP accredited independent laboratory dedicated to women's health and laboratory testing. Now headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, our laboratory offers exceptional customer service, quality, and cost effective healthcare to our clinicians.

We been providing women's laboratory testing and other cytology services since 1985. The founder, Shirley Martin, CT (ASCP) identified the need for a laboratory that focused on providing exceptional women's health laboratory testing.  With the support of the local pathologists and healthcare providers in the community, Harrisonburg Cytology Services was founded to address these needs.  This enabled our laboratory to develop a model in which the unique needs of health care providers for pathology and cytology are at the forefront. 

Harrisonburg Cytology Services offers something special that is often times lost in a large lab setting.  Our laboratory strives to develop a connection with our healthcare providers who share our 'patient first' mentality. The end result is the patient receives accurate, timely, and compassionate healthcare through a collaborative effort between the provider and the laboratory. 

In addition to women's health laboratory testing, we provide non-gyn services for hospitals and reference laboratories. We process all fluid cytology in-house. 
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