Harrisonburg Cytology Services, Inc.
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Meet Our Staff

Our staff works hard to provide the most accurate and cost effective laboratory testing.  Below is a list of our technical staff and their specialties.

  • University Pathology Associates - Owner
    • DBA- PRW Laboratories, Charlottesville, VA

Medical Director:
  • Mark H. Stoler, M.D. - Cytopathology, Hematopathology, Diagnostic Molecular Pathology, and Surgical Pathology

  • Verenta Martin - Operations Manager

  • Linda Bellomy, CT (ASCP) - Senior Cytotechnologist and Cytology Supervisor
  • James 'Jim' Elia, CT (ASCP) - Cytotechnologist 
  • Henry 'Fritz' Oehler, BA MChE - Bio-Medical Technologist

Outreach and Marketing:
  • James 'Jim' Elia, CT (ASCP) - Cytotechnologist and Outreach Coordinator

Pathology Services:
  • PRW Laboratories - Charlottesville, VA
    • David M. Rowe, M.D. - Medical Director

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