Harrisonburg Cytology Services, Inc.
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Our Services

A brief overview of our services are listed below. All of our testing platforms are FDA approved.  For more details simply contact the laboratory, we would be delighted to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

1. OB/GYN Laboratory Services
2. Pathology Services
3. Molecular Microbiology Services
4. Non GYN (Fluid Cytology) Services
5. EMR Services
6. Courier Services

  1. OB/GYN Laboratory Services - We perform the Pap test utilizing Hologic ThinPrep with Imaging for the very best diagnostics.  Our turn-around-times average 2-3 business days for negative Paps, and 3-4 business days for abnormal Paps.  All abnormal Pap tests are reviewed by a pathologist.  In addition, our pathologists are available for direct consult for both pathology and cytology.  
  2. Pathology Services - We offer pathology services through a local pathology group, PRW Laboratories of Charlottesville.  They screen all abnormal Paps, as well as, prep, process, and diagnosis tissue biopsies.
  3. Molecular Microbiology Services - We routinely perform high-risk HPV, Chlamydia and N. Gonorrhea testing from the ThinPrep vial, via Roche Diagnostics Cobas 4800 instrumentation.
    • Chlamydia/N. Gonorrhea - We utilize the CDC recommended PCR platform for our CT/NG testing.  The CT/NG testing may be performed from the ThinPrep vial or a co-collect swab
    • High-Risk HPV with 16/18 included - We perform both screening and reflex HPV testing.  HPV testing is performed from the Thinprep vial.  The patient vials are stored up to six weeks, making it possible to add an HPV test without having to have the patient return to your office.
    • BD Affirm Panel - Offers three test in one!  The affirm panel tests for Candida, Trichomonas, and Gardnerella.  This swab has a quick diagnostic turn around time of 1-2 days.  This is perfect for testing patients that are symptomatic, or that may have a co-infection.
    • HSV 1 & 2 - Herpes Simplex Virus 1 & 2 testing.  This is a swab collection, that offers a quick 1-2 day turn around time. 
  4. Non GYN (Fluid Cytology) Services - Our laboratory performs fluid cytology from the ThinPrep collection vial.  Examples include Urine Cytology, CSF, FNA, etc.  Please contact the laboratory for more information regarding Non-GYN Cytology.
  5. EMR Services -EMR services are as follows:
    • Interface - We are able to interface with most EMR systems on the market.  Some EMR Vendors have a backlog before we can begin the interface process.  As a result, we recommend a commitment to interface within a reasonable time frame to ensure that we do not have to wait for a third party to catch up with our joint needs for an interface. 
    • Fax - We have the capability of faxing reports to clinician's fax machines, via our fax robot, which automatically faxes results.
    • Drag-and-Drop - For those providers that have EMR systems that have Drag-and-Drop functions, we are able to send PDF final reports to the appropriate file via fax. The office may then drag and drop the report into the appropriate file.
  6. Courier Services - We offer courier services, through Medical Courier Service, to meet the needs of each client. Your practice may either use one of our secure outside laboratory drop boxes for after hours pick-up, or have the courier pick up specimens at a designated time.  For long distance accounts, we will work with your practice to develop a shipping protocol that meets your needs and complies with applicable state and federal laws.
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