Harrisonburg Cytology Services, Inc.
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Test Menu

Welcome! The following is a listing of our current test menu and testing services.  Please feel free to contact the laboratory with any questions you may have regarding our test menu.  All of our testing platforms are FDA approved.  

  • Pathology Services including tissue biopsy
  • Breast Smear Cytology - From ThinPrep Collection Vial
  • Pap Test - ThinPrep with Imaging
  • High-Risk HPV Test with 16/18 Geno-typing included
  • Chlamydia
  • N. Gonorrhea
  • Affirm Panel- Gardnerella/Trichomonas/Candida 
  • Non-Gyn Cytology - Urine, CSF, and Other Fluid Cytology
  • HSV 1 & 2 - Herpes Simplex Virus testing

**We offer four tests out of one specimen vial - Pap, HPV, CT/NG, and Affirm all out of the Thinprep pap vial.   
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